Jimmy Eat World - Spangle


Are there any three sweeter words in the English language?  For those that don't yet know of my unconditional love of this alt. rock band from Mesa, AZ....don't worry, you soon will.

Simple. Short. Not even an original song. But somehow beautiful, and aren't all great songs like this?

Jimmy Eat World - Spangle

This was a cover that appeared on the eponymous 'singles' album in 2000. The original was by a somewhat obscure indie band from Leeds (of all places!) called The Wedding Present.  I can only hope that one day a band as cool as Jimmy Eat World will cover the songs of a young musician hailing from Gateshead...).

BONUS TRACK: Jimmy Eat World - Roller Queen (Live from Mesa Arts Centre, 03/08/2007)

How dare radio stations play 'The Middle' over and over again when there's unmeasured greatness seeping quietly from every other track they've ever recorded.  Yeah, I love Jimmy.


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